Dare Better

I do my best work with those who are daring— people who dare to create their best life and businesses that dare to be better and do better. Speaking, writing, inspiring and consulting let me dare others to dare better.

I think big. I dream big. I’m literally an idea machine. When I need a new idea, I order it as easily as I would request a glass of wine and wait for it to arrive. I do it for myself and for my clients. I see possibilities and make them real. Miracles happen.

My dream, my purpose, and my mission is to:

  1. Offer you something bigger and better than you think is possible. And when you think that’s possible, I’ll offer something ever more. Along the way, you’ll understand why you deserve it and how to reach it.
  2. Challenge businesses to become better and do better. Make a profit and a contribution. Build a better product and genius employees.
  3. Create a better world. It all starts with better thoughts.

Your Dream Is My Dream

What do you thirst for? What direction do you want your ship to sail, easily and effortlessly? Whatever it is, I know it’s possible. Whatever you desire also desires you.

My confidence in you comes from what I know about you, what I can believe for you, until you know and believe it for yourself. To be more specific, here’s what I know:

  1. You matter. Your dream matters. Your purpose is to express something no one else can, in your own way. You wouldn’t be here otherwise.
  2. When you work with Life, your life will work for you. You are meant to be, do, and have whatever makes you happy.
  3. Your true self is a Yes that wants to be affirmed and unleashed. It won’t take “no” for an answer. It will keep tickling you or scream at you. Ignoring your Yes limits your happiness and takes the wind out of your sails.
  4. Your true self, your Yes, and your unique gift will make you happy and feel fulfilled. It’s everything you want. It benefits all of us. It’s also exactly what a better world needs.
  5. Right this minute, invisible possibilities have your name on them. You already have access to whatever will solve your problems or stir your happiness.

My Professional Background

I’ve always loved the world of business. From the age of ten when I opened a business from our kitchen (today I think we’d call this “re-purposing inventory”) .

For over twenty years (ok, maybe way over twenty), my professional career immersed me in all aspects of creativity: communications, branding, product development, brainstorming, creative direction, you name it. I worked for some of the best companies in the world whose success depended on creativity and innovation. For the record, I wouldn’t change a thing. Though often overworked and jet-lagged, my days were rich with learning, challenges, adventure, first-class hotels and nice benefits. I am forever grateful for those who taught, mentored and endured me.

My creative playground included these companies: J. Walter Thompson US Sprint Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath Electronic Arts Williams Sonoma, Inc. Maginet Warner Communications/Warner Brothers The Far Company InterActive Media.

My Big Aha

It was exciting to receive awards, work with celebrities and meet one of the richest men in China. However, those awards are just sitting on someone’s mantle and I wouldn’t remember the Chinese gentleman if I ran into him on the street.

My life was full but something was missing.  I was always sailing someone else’s ship. What I really wanted to captain my own, to set my course to where the breezes blew balmy-like. And I did captain my own ventures into importing, designing and developing real estate.

Then, I found something better—how to set my sails in the direction of the wind (thanks Mike Dooley for this) and be carried along to one better thing after another. I changed my thinking and everything changed around me.

To be more specific, the principles of metaphysics and the philosophy of Ernest Holmes has been the subject of my life for the past bunch of years.  I am a licensed spiritual practitioner by Centers For Spiritual Living.  You’ll find me at the Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living where I teach, speak and serve in leadership positions (two years as board president).

My book, Think Better.LIVE BETTER., is the result of years of study, practice, testing, teaching and formulating my own fresh and unique versions of creating possibilities into form and experience.  And, as an expert on stirring the creative process and tapping human potential, I’m setting my sails to a better future with my clients on board.


As a Personal Mentor.  I work with individuals to create their best life, their way. Whatever that means to them. Sometimes I help them find their dream. Sometimes I help them realize how much they deserve it. Almost always, I get them to dream bigger, way, way bigger. And results follow. Sometimes miracles.

As a Business Consultant.  I offer knowledge, insight and vision to work in business in a whole new way. I work with businesses in maximizing vision and creativity, an infinite gold mine of possibilities which, rightly cultivated, will ensure success of all kinds.  What’s important is what I don’t do: I don’t tell business how to do their business.  What I do is help companies and organizations tap greater potential and unleash it to a natural creative process that manages the planets in their orbits.

As a Published Author. There is a whole world to writing a book. Finishing the book.  Editing and editing and really, for sure, this-time-is-it, finishing the book. And then publishing it.  Publishing a book is a life-altering experience. If you’re an author in waiting, I’d love to share this:

The only person you must convince that you are a writer is you. You must believe it and be able to say it out loud. Boldly.

It’s better not to see the light at the end of the tunnel if it shows you how much tunnel there is.  If I knew how long it would take to write a book, I wouldn’t have started. But it was worth every minute. The next one will go faster. I’ve got outlines for at least five more.

All those rewrites weren’t for the book, they were for me.  I had to grow into what became greater and better than I imagined from the start. I had to live the stories the book required, learn the things it teaches, and live the many ways to something better myself.

Allow the possibilities that “averages” don’t always apply (that’s why they’re called averages). Example: According to every Google search, it’s impossible for the average first-time author to find a publisher (or maybe after a bazillion rejections). I found my publisher from one person’s recommendation, that led to one phone call, and one meeting, and one very lovely contract, thank you.  Miracles happen.