Better Thinking. Better Business.

I believe in business as the means to a better world. I believe the future belongs to companies with vision, who are thinking differently about everything. I have some thoughts of my own on the subject of better business. Here they are.

Better Business Thoughts

Better business thought #1: Human creativity and intelligence is the ultimate renewable resource. The key to a new and thriving world. Think of it. Every problem was created by us (no matter how large or how small) and every solution is available right now, by means of us. Creativity can solve every problem and reveal every opportunity.

Better business thought #2: Profits, purpose, contribution, and happiness can co-exist.  We see what we look for, and the thoughts and assumptions and beliefs we look from. There are companies that value employees (especially if they agree with business thought #1), bask in the flow of creativity, understand the potential of cooperation and contribution. They’re successful and profitable and because they think better they know more is possible. (If you’re one of them, please write me so I can write about you!).

Better business thought #3: Vision is irresistible, inspiring and makes more possible. What drives many businesses is fear, not vision. Fear of losing market share, profit margin, high-value employees, trade secrets, innovative edge.  Fear is an effective motivator but an iccky one.  If you’ve every worked in business driven by fear (and I have), I guarantee it wasn’t the highlight of your career.  Fear pushes. Vision pulls. It’s a joy to work at a company that’s led by vision (and I have).  The compelling, inspiring, irresistible environment of vision cultivates possibilities.

Better business thought #4: What motivates you will motivate everyone. Truth is, everyone wants the same thing. To live and work with purpose. To be recognized and appreciated and rewarded.  To be treasured for the personal genius and talented gem within us. To be allowed happiness and to contribute to someone else’s too. To be part of a better world that works for everyone. From CEO to mailroom clerk, same applies. Yes, being well paid is important too, but money loses its motivational value when it comes without the rest.

Better business thought #5: Genius is everywhere. Once again, you find what you look for.  You get what you expect.  Everyone has personal genius.  It’s their unique gift, their special talent. Their own thumbprint of thinking and creating something out of potential into visible form and experience. Personal genius is in the workroom and the boardroom. It knows no title, benefit level, or work status.  When the best businesses cultivate this genius, their true assets are multiplied.  (Once again, see better thought #1)

My Work For Your Business

I’m passionate about helping businesses become better and do better. My own experience proves what works, what makes good leadership, how to cultivate creativity and genius. Today’s businesses and tomorrow’s success stories will include new ways of thinking, working and contributing.

What I Know About Your Business

  1. The highest vision for your company includes how it contributes to a better world. Your future requires your company to be better and do better.
  2. People represent your most valuable asset—their personal genius and creative thinking of human intelligence is the ultimate renewable resource.
  3. New possibilities have your logo on them. Accessing possibilities will solve problems, innovate products, create new markets, and fuel your success.

My Professional Background

I’ve always loved the world of business. From the age of ten when I opened a deli (today it would be called re-purposing inventory) from our kitchen.

Today, I offer knowledge, insight and vision to work in business in a whole new way. I work with businesses in maximizing vision and creativity, an infinite gold mine of possibilities which, rightly cultivated, will ensure success of all kinds.

For over twenty years, my professional career immersed me in all aspects of creativity: communications, branding, product development, brainstorming, creative direction, you name it. I worked for some of the best companies in the world whose success depended on creativity and innovation. For the record, I wouldn’t change a thing. Though often overworked and jet-lagged, my days were rich with learning, challenges, adventure, first-class hotels and nice benefits. I am forever grateful for the many people who welcomed, taught, mentored and endured me.

J. Walter Thompson US Sprint Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath Electronic Arts Williams Sonoma, Inc. Maginet Warner Communications/Warner Brothers The Far Company InterActive Media

My Big Aha

It was exciting to receive awards, work with celebrities and meet one of the richest men in China. However, those awards are just sitting on someone’s mantle and I wouldn’t remember the Chinese gentleman if I ran into him on the street.

My life was full but something was missing.  I was always sailing someone else’s ship. What I really wanted to captain my own, to set my course to where the breezes blew balmy-like. And I did captain my own ventures into importing, designing and developing real estate.

Then, I found something better—how to set my sails in the direction of the wind (thanks Mike Dooley for this) and be carried along to one better thing after another. I changed my thinking and everything changed around me. What I found were ageless principles and proven tools.

My book, Think Better.LIVE BETTER., is the result of years of study, practice, testing, teaching and formulating my own fresh and unique versions of creating possibilities into form and experience. And, as an expert on stirring the creative process and tapping human potential, I’m setting my sails to a better future with my clients on board.