People ask about this phrase I use in the dedication page of my book. “Living the lemon pie dream” has been my husband’s quip since we met. It’s an expression of both gratitude and intention, of all we have and all we’re creating. It’s a daily reminder that we are creating our dream, our way.

Living the lemon pie dream includes working and playing in ways that express our true nature and creates our best life. It’s about dreaming big, saying “Yes” to the ways Life invites us forward. Here’s what that includes:

I create beautiful spaces. It’s a “Yes” within me that I happily indulge, for fun and for clients. Designing homes sweeps me away and makes my head twirl with ideas. Since everything I do is about creativity and change, I create spaces that change how people feel when they’re in them. I dream of designing a spiritual retreat and sanctuary that transforms all who enter. See my design work at www.DesignBETTER1.weebly.com

Phil’s lemon pie dream has included being a multimedia producer, a real estate developer, and now, a large-format multimedia artist. He’s an example of using the principles in my book to create the life he desires—and deserves. Check out his personal genius at www.Philip-Lynch.com

Oil painting is my hobby and I can spend hours learning by watching others paint on YouTube. I’m very fortunate to paint with two accomplished artists. One of these days, I’ll post my paintings.

I want to produce a Broadway show…or two. One idea is a musical comedy about Alzheimer’s (because making people laugh or think differently about something they’re afraid of is a good thing). My other idea involves audience participation since getting people to experience an inner shift is my passion. Imagine leaving the theater changed in a wonderful way. If you’re a Broadway producer, have your people call my people.

We divide our time between two homes, among the vineyards of Northern California and the sandy shore of Lake Michigan. We love to travel, make time for our families, hang with our friends, and invite them to join us for Fun Mondays (Wonderful Wednesdays and so on).