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Sales-sheet Information For The Book, “ThinkBetter. LIVE BETTER.”

Sales Positioning

This guide helps readers learn the power of their thoughts. They will learn to cultivate better and more creative thoughts, realign their mindset to what they truly want, and gain a new perspective on life. The book’s simple, well-written style explains principles behind the creative process of thought. It features The Five Step Treatment, a proven tool to instantly improve thoughts and set creative energy in a desired direction.

Book Inspiration & Impetus

Francine Huss spent years working with the best and brightest creative professionals to become an expert on the creative process. After she started creating her own miracles, she realized she could help others harness their natural creativity to create the life they deserve.


In Think Better. Live Better., Francine shows how the power of creative thinking can produce new results in your life or your business.

This book features the Five Step Treatment, a self-talk technique to

  • Shift from wanting to having, lack to plenty, discouraged to confident
  • Connect with creativity and new possibilities
  • Create a thriving mindset that thinks, believes and expects better

Your thoughts can produce stress, suffering, loneliness or misfortune. Better thoughts can create confidence, happiness and prosperity. Harness the creativity of your thoughts and shift into a whole new level of personal and professional power.

Think Better. Live Better. simplifies timeless proven concepts, making it easy understand how you can work with Life so Life works for you. Live better, dream bigger, and create possibilities you never imagined, even miracles. In the process, you may realize how much your best life matters to a better world.


“Think Better. LIVE BETTER. is a call to think and operate at a completely new level and expect corresponding results. Francine’s got the mojo to lead you to aha insights, breakthroughs and miracles.”
– Chip Conley, Joie de Vivre Founder and bestselling author

Think Better. LIVE BETTER. These four seemingly simple words offer us an invitation to embrace our life purpose with self-empowerment and step firmly on the path of wisdom and joy. Imbibe this nourishing and healing book.”
– Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning

Pub Date:             April 22, 2014
Publisher:             SheWritesPress, Berkeley, CA
Price:                     $16.95 USD/$18.95 CAD
EAN:                      978-1-938314-66-7
Size/Format:        5.5 x 8.5 Paperback
Pages:                     265
BISAC Code–Category:  SEL016000–Self-Help Personal Growth/Happiness
OCC019000–Body, Mind & Spirit/Inspiration & Personal Growth

Author Bio For Publication

Francine Huss is an author, speaker, teacher and consultant. She is an expert in possibilities, using the creative process for better business and better living.  Those who work with Francine or hear her speak feel her unshakable belief that the key to happiness and success (for personal or business) is to change how you think about it.

Whether it’s breakthrough ideas or manifesting happiness, wealth, or fulfillment, she has mastered the creative process that turns possibilities into realities.  At the world’s top advertising agency and the biggest videogame producer, she learned the craft of creativity alongside legendary art directors, copywriters and game designers.

Francine offers a powerful combination of success as a creative and management executive, an entrepreneur, a transformational teacher and a licensed spiritual counselor. The result is an infusion of spirit with success, possibilities with profit, creativity with change, and peace with process. She’s passionate about her own work and contribution to the world.

Think Better. LIVE BETTER. makes the creative process, and the timeless and fundamental principles behind it, easy to understand and simple to use. The book features The Five Step Treatment, a technique to shift the thoughts creating an unwanted experience into thoughts that will create something better. It’s a self-talk, self-change tool used by thousands of people every day with great success.

Sample Questions & Answers For Interviews

Q: Can you summarize the Creative Process?

A: 1. Plant the seed. Plant an intention, an idea, an imagination. 2. Cultivate. Get rid of negative thoughts (what you don’t want). Strength positive thoughts (what you do want). 3. Harvest. Pay attention to what’s working. Gather proof, find evidence of what you are creating. Attention and appreciation creates even more.

Q: How can thoughts change the conditions of one’s life?

A: Thought precedes form and experience. Thought is cause. Conditions are effect. Change the thought and it launches creativity in a new direction. You get to determine and direct the direction.

Q: What about conditions beyond one’s control, like the economy, job circumstances, etc.?

A: We determine and choose how we experience anything. Thought creates our own experience in it and thought can change it. Thought creates “what is” as well as “what can be.” Thought created the economy we experience today. Thought can also creative a different economy tomorrow.

The question is: where are you putting your attention? Are you letting news stories present evidence on how everything’s falling apart? Or are you finding your own evidence of what’s working? If your current circumstances aren’t what you want, do you give up or do you find a light at the end of the tunnel and move toward it?

No matter “what is,” where you put your attention next will set the course of what will become. Each of us has more power than we think to shift the direction, and the outcome, in our world.

Q: What about one who is in dire straits right now? What is their best and first course of action?

A: Actually, action is not the first course. Thinking is. Thought precedes—and creates—everything in form and experience. So the first thing is to stop thinking that your situation is “dire” and hopeless. Negative thinking creates more of the same. To experience something better, you must think something better. You have to shift from the energy of hopelessness and powerless into possibilities and confidence.

Focus on what you have instead of what you lack. Find something to be grateful for or to appreciate, because gratitude and suffering can’t co-exist. It’s possible see options from this better vantage point, even if it is only a little better. Then, you can reinforce those thoughts with action, by finding a way to give because one who gives has plenty to share.

Most people will agree that if they can get to a place of gratitude and giving, that’s much better than feeling desperate or hopeless. And it’s clear that something better is possible from a state of gratitude and the actions of giving than was possible in the immovable grip of hopelessness.

Q: What are the Five Steps mentioned in the subtitle of your book?

A: Five Steps is a methodical way to change and upgrade your thoughts instantly. It’s actually called Five Step Treatment and the word treatment explains a bit of what it is and why to do it. Just as you’d see a medical doctor to “treat” a problem, you “treat” yourself, or more specifically, your thoughts. The purpose is to create a mindset and vibration of energy that corresponds with what you desire.

Often, when we want change, we focus on the thing we don’t want, the thing we want to eradicate or get relief from. This only creates more of what you don’t want. Shifting your attention what you do want, getting the feeling of having it (rather than being needy of it or lacking it), sets a creative process in motion to produce it.

The Five Step Treatment is a technique of self-thought or self-talk that leads to a realization that what you really want is already available. If you want peace of mind, you already have access to it. If you want love, you just need to take a moment to connect with the love that pours through you. The Five Steps can become a very powerful tool for people who want change and are willing to instantly shift their thoughts away from what seems lacking and into a state of having. The simplest description of the steps: 1) Open. Recognize infinite possibilities, 2) Connect. Affirm partnership with Life. 3) Receive. Say Yes Now. 4) Give. Be grateful. 5) Share. Let it be so.

Q: What motivates you?

A: Like many, I look at the world today and see countless ways it can be better. Since I’ve discovered these principles and tools (and by the way the core ideas are not my own, the way I present them is), I have made my life (which was actually very good by all measures before) better in every way. My life now is so beyond what I ever imagined it could be (and I am known to imagine pretty big). It is my nature to show others how to live their best life, their way.

I work with individuals to create the life of their dreams. I work with businesses to do business better and contribute more. This is my part in helping to create a better world.

Q: How does your book apply to the business world?

My experience in business makes me very passionate about the possibilities for corporations and world leaders. My book is for companies and organizations of all kinds who know it’s possible to be better, do better and contribute more.

I’ve worked with CEOs who think better and see the amazing potential in human creativity—what I call the “ultimate renewable resource.” In fact, I started my career in the advertising business, where it was well-known that “the inventory goes down the elevator each night” (according to Fairfax Cone, founder of one of the largest ad agencies in the world). I’ve always known that that the greatest resource is intelligence and creativity.

I want to help people create something better and companies become better because it creates a better world for everyone. This is what motivates, and fulfills, me.

Q: You talk about miracles. What can you say about miracles?

A: First, I like to establish what a miracle is. It’s not the displacement of physical laws, but rather the proof of higher, invisible laws. In simpler terms, miracles are what we call anything that is far beyond what we expect or think is possible. Miracles are relative; they’re what we say they are.

If you’ve been trying to conceive a child without any success and one day you’re pregnant, you might call it a miracle. If you’re a dancer competing for one spot against a thousand other dancers, you might say it’s a miracle when you get the position. But Einstein said you can live as though nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle.

How many people expect daily miracles? Many of my own miracles took place during the years in which my mother lived with Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, my book begins and ends with two miracle stories about this. I chose a different way to think about this disease. I won’t say it’s easy to look for a miracle when your own mother doesn’t recognize you. It’s not easy to look beyond the condition of a disease. But it’s possible. I expected miracles and that’s what I experienced.

Q: You advise people to dream bigger? What’s your bigger dream?

A: Well, I think big and have an amazing capacity to generate lots of possibility thinking. One of my dreams includes teaching children and young people a different way of thinking, to create their own world.

I imagine every human being feeling appreciated. I imagine everyone discovering their true nature and personal genius. I can see our leaders creating success for everyone. My vision is a world fueled by generosity and kindness and respect. As John Lennon sang, “you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you will join us. And the world will live as one.” I’m not a dreamer. I’m a creator. And I know everyone else is a creator too. By the way, what’s your dream?