Think Better. LIVE BETTER.

Think Better. LIVE BETTER.

What Does Better Mean To You?

No matter “what is” right now, you can think of something better. Everyone can. But what does better mean to you? Being able to pay your bills, or being able to travel the world? A company that leads, and succeeds, by vision and creativity?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re down to your last dollar or your last million, the way to something better is the same. The same creative process that produces a beautiful flower can produce your new job, your better life, your best team.

Something better starts with a thought. Your thoughts created “what is” and they can just as easily create “what can be.” When you think better thoughts, you create something better.

Right now, there are infinite possibilities waiting to be brought into creation—by you, for you, and because of you. Because your dream, your vision, your purpose, is important to the world in which everything’s connected. Whatever is better for you is better for all.

What Life Is & How Life Works

It’s all in the book, Think Better. LIVE BETTER. Timeless wisdom, principles, and laws distilled into simple explanations of What Life Is & How Life Works. A simple foundation to stop working against Life and start working with Life. To create something better. For your life or your work.

Five Steps To Something Better Now

The book ThinkBetter.LIVEBETTER. features The Five Step Treatment, a proven tool used by thousands of people with successful results. Five Step Treatment is a kind of self-talk technique to immediately improve your thoughts and change the direction of your creative power. Satisfaction is built in; before you complete a treatment, you activate a shift into the feeling of what you wanted before you started it. Treatment shifts you from a state of “wanting” to “having,” a satisfying feeling in an of itself. From that state of having, a natural and powerful creative process immediately works to produce something that matches it.

Five Step Treatment can give you immediate relief from suffering, worrying and fear. You can shift from discouraged to encouraged. From hopeless to empowered. From feeling alone and adrift to the feeling of a partnership on your side. From resisting more good in your life to a greater willingness for something better.

Treatment is easy to learn and is worth a lifetime of practice. There are no limits to what’s possible by these simple steps. It’s all in the book, the principles behind and the steps to do it. Here are the five steps:

Step One: Recognize Infinite Possibilities. Expand your concept of Life. There is something so much greater than your problem and your desire. Infinite possibilities. Awesome, yes?
Step Two: Affirm Partnership with Life. Life’s nature is your nature. It’s possibilities are also your possibilities, waiting for you. It’s a partnership made in heaven.
Step Three: Say Yes Now. Your thoughts create. Accept whatever good you name. Shift into higher gear. Feel the difference between wanting and having? How fulfilling.
Step Four: Be Grateful. You’re feeling it already, aren’t you? The positive buzz. From shifting into something better and activating something new. It’s cause for celebration.
Step Five: Let It Be So. Love gives. Law creates. It’s as reliable as the law that holds the planet in its orbit. Have confidence in the partnership. Go on with your (better) day.

For Your Better Business

The creative process works for business exactly as it works in any individual. Maximizing creativity can tap unseen potential, create new products, reveal new paradigms and possibilities.

The Five Step Treatment can be used in any way that requires a shift in thinking toward something better. More effective and satisfying meetings, off sites and retreats. More cooperative working environments and team-building.