In a workshop setting, your group will experience Francine’s dynamic creativity in action as she helps generate new ideas and possibilities. This is someone who lives and breathes possibilities.

Are you a group of like-minded individuals ready for change? Or a business who values and cultivates their employees as their ultimate asset?She’ll meet your goals and raise the ante. She ensures attendees create something meaningful and useful for their better life or work.

Here are examples of two Topics available as workshops. Find out how Francine can customize a Topic for a powerful workshop that meets needs of your audience.

Five Step Treatment For Instant Positive Change         

The main tool described in Francine’s book is explained and demonstrated in this workshop.  In this session, you’ll get help preparing your own treatment to use daily. You’ll learn how to apply this powerful, proven technique to activate creating something better in every part of your life and work. 

Visioning For Higher Creativity         

This teaching and experiential session introduces a technique called Visioning. Most people are familiar with visualizing, in which the imagination is directed to bring ideas to life, using the rational mind of creativity.  Visioning, a process developed by Michael Beckwith, is about becoming receptive to new input from a higher consciousness that vibrates with possibilities, infinite potential and the flowing energy of love.  Visioning welcomes something new from which to fuel your rich and creative imagination.